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Our Technology



There are currently at least 150,000 sites in the US that are in need of groundwater cleanup, or remediation, and the Department of Defense estimates that the volume of groundwater that needs remediating tops 1.7 Trillion gallons. NanoFex is a for-profit venture that addresses this demand by providing an affordable, effective method for remediating a common but extremely dangerous waste product.


NanoFex has developed a patented technology comprised of carbon microspheres with nanoscale Zero Valent Iron (nZVI), capable of remediating chlorinated solvents in a significantly more economical and effective way than comparative industry standards. Our technology utilizes cellulose made from sugar, resulting in a product with a significant cost advantage over current competitors. NanoFex particles travel with groundwater, breakdown chlorinated solvents dissolved in groundwater, and partition to bulk phases of chlorinated solvents.  NanoFex considers this technology a significant breakthrough over competing technology for in-situ application.



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